Digital at Work


Digital Skills Training for Busy Organisations


A Practical Alternative to Traditional Digital Skills Training

Digital Skills Training

Training without leaving the workplace

An alternative solution for busy organisations

A lack of digital skills or confidence is a common problem within many organisations but attending traditional IT courses is often not an effective solution. As a busy employers you may be reluctant to release staff to attend open IT courses when the ROI is questionable.

There is now a practical solution that takes place in the workplace and is supported with 24/7 access to additional resources, daily tips and monthly webinars. The training is specific to your business;  the digital tools you need; and how to use them within your company, supporting your systems and ways of working.

A Blended Approach to Digital Skills Training

Face-to-Face Sessions

Short, sharp sessions

A solution for busy organisations

Focused content

Facilitated digital skills sessions delivered in the workplace blended with access to further learning resources and how-to guides.

Each visit to your workplace can be one of the following:

  • Power Hour – Supported peer to peer digital skills training session
  • Focus Hour – 1 to 1 digital skills training session
  • Discovery Hour – A workshop exploring specific technology

After each on-site session G Acceleration will add useful resources to a shared on-line library that is available 24/7.

Hold the sessions weekly, fortnightly or monthly to meet your needs.

On Going Support

How-to guides 

Shared knowledge

On-going updates

Learning continues outside of the one hour sessions with a package of on-going resources.

  • Post session package of resources
  • Access to library of resources – 24/7
  • How-to software/application questions answered by email (Fair use)
  • Remote support using screen sharing software
  • Daily digital skills tip
  • Weekly digital news newsletter
  • Weekly focus on a software application to improve a business process

Improve business performance by increasing digital skills and confidence of your teams. Make more use of existing software and discover new tools to streamline everyday tasks.

Digital at Work is more than a training programme

Improve Digital Skills

Discover Digital Tools

Maximise Digital Use

Choose the type of training session to meet your needs

Each session is designed to meet the needs of your business.

It may be to improve a business process, increase the skills and knowledge in the use of a particular software application or explore new digital tools to improve performance.

Power Hour

Facilitated peer to peer sessions

A facilitated peer to peer session with a team or department.

This is an effective way of increasing digital skills. These short training sessions combine resources from a facilitator with the collective knowledge of an internal team.

Each session focuses on a business task or software application.

The aim of these sessions is to:

  • Share knowledge, hints and tips
  • Streamline repetitive activities
  • Create in-house training resources, building a library for future use
  • Identify links to further training resources
  • Identify further training needs

Focus Hour

1 to 1 Digital skills support

Focused 1 to 1 support for an individual. Example sessions include:

  • To meet an identified training need
  • As part of an induction programme
  • To improve productivity by streamlining a task
  • The introduction of new software
  • To improve an individual’s confidence
  • For older staff who have avoided technology
  • Exploring the use of existing software such as CRM or in-house systems.

The sessions can focus on software such as MS Word, Excel, Outlook or the applications listed in the Discovery Workshop

Discovery Hour

Technology Discovery Workshops

The delivery of a technology discovery workshop focusing on digital tools such as:

  • Mailchimp
  • Social media
  • Social media tools
  • Website content management
  • CRM software
  • The use of iPads
  • Presentation tools including Prezi
  • Project and task management software
  • Communication software
  • Webinar software
  • Survey Tools
  • And much more …

In addition to digital skills training, these sessions will identify opportunities to streamline business processes. The advantage of having tailored support delivered in house.

A practical approach that requires no time away from the workplace and limited disruption to everyday activities. A blend of face to face sessions, on-going support and access to resources.

Wide Reaching Benefits

A Practical Solution

  • No time away from the workplace
  • Limited disruption to day to day activities
  • Each session designed to meet your needs
  • Focused on your needs
  • Designed around your ways of working

Develop Skills

  • Improve digital skills
  • Improve digital confidence
  • Build a library of resources
  • Access to how-to guides
  • Access to ongoing support

Improve Performance

  • Streamline tasks
  • Discover new digital tools
  • Make more use of existing software
  • Save time

Flexible to meet your needs

Session Fees

Book Digital at Work blended training sessions as and when required

£120.00 per session for clients within 20 miles of Cheltenham including design, delivery and follow up resources(No VAT)

£140.00 per session for clients within 20 – 40 miles of Cheltenham including design, delivery and follow up resources(No VAT)

Each Digital at Work package is a comprehensive mix of design, face to face training, on going support and access to resources.

Pre-session Design

Each session is designed to meet your needs and agreed outcomes.

Face to face Session

Choose from a 60 minute Power, Focus or Discovery session.

Delivered on your site, focusing on your needs.

Post event package of resources

  • All resources saved in the on line library
  • Post session pack of resources included
  • The creation of additional resources
  • Links to official user guides
  • Links to commercially available resources
  • Links to freely available resources such as YouTube videos
  • If required 15 minutes (follow up) 1 to 1 support delivered on-line
  • Additional how-to software/application questions answered by email (Fair use)
  • Follow up contact after two weeks and three months to check that new ways are working are being followed

Optional Retained Service

£30.00 per month (no VAT)

This includes:

  • A resource library for your business accessible 24/7
  • Daily digital skills tip
  • Weekly digital news newsletter
  • Access to two digital skills\tools webinars a month
  • Weekly focus on a software application to improve a business process

This is not another generic training course that has limited impact but a bespoke blended programme that focuses on the needs of your teams and ways of working.

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